Lisa and Thomas

Lisa and Thomas

100% recommendation

Glowing review for Mr. and Mrs. Wedding in Italy! We were unsure that we would be able to pull off a ceremonial wedding in Italy coming from Florida with less than 3 months to spare but then we stumbled across Mr. and Mrs. Wedding in Italy.

We had our 14 day trip booked almost a year ago but then just decided to get married and turn the trip into a honeymoon while we were over there. Ines jumped right in and was able to plan everything perfectly. They let us know all of our options and tailored our special day down to the very last detail. The communication leading up to the big day was excellent.

Once we were there, Ines was also kind enough to help us navigate our way around town as we do not speak Italian. Ines even offered to take a suitcase with our wedding clothes to the post office so we didn’t have to lug it around for the remainder of the trip!

We cannot thank them enough for their wonderful service. We would not have been able to pull off this dream come true if it wasn’t for Mr. and Mrs. Wedding in Italy!