Villa Scarpariello

Villa Scarpariello: An Intimate Celebration of Love

Celebrate the sweet union of hearts amidst the timeless elegance of Villa Scarpariello, where love stories come alive against the backdrop of the enchanting Amalfi Coast. Our intimate venue, with its 18th-century charm, sets the stage for a romantic wedding that lingers in the hearts of all who attend. Exchange vows in the meticulously manicured gardens, where the air is filled with the fragrance of blooming flowers and the gentle whisper of the Tyrrhenian Sea. The historic villa, with its graceful architecture and sweeping views, provides a picture-perfect setting for your heartfelt promises.

Whether you envision an outdoor ceremony under the azure sky or a cozy gathering in the opulent ballroom, Villa Scarpariello offers versatile spaces to tailor your dream wedding. Our dedicated team ensures that every detail is attended to, from exquisite floral arrangements to personalized touches that make your celebration uniquely yours. Indulge in the culinary delights of the Amalfi Coast with a carefully curated menu that tantalizes the taste buds. As the sun sets, relish the sweetness of your love with a reception on the private terrace, where twinkling lights and panoramic views create a magical ambiance.

Let Villa Scarpariello be the canvas for your sweet wedding, where the essence of romance intertwines with the charm of a historic Italian villa. Elevate your celebration with luxury accommodations, impeccable service, and the promise of everlasting memories. It's not just a wedding; it's a sweet beginning to a lifetime of love at Villa Scarpariello

Captivating Reasons to Choose Villa Scarpariello for Your Dream Wedding

Choosing Villa Scarpariello for your dream wedding ensures a unique and enchanting experience that stands out from other venues. There are several compelling reasons why Villa Scarpariello is an ideal choice for your special day:

Comfort and Charm: Accommodations at Villa Scarpariello: A family room with a balcony, five self-catering apartments for two to six people, and five double rooms—all with spectacular views of the sea—are dispersed among two relatively new waterfront buildings and a modest cottage. Each is decorated in a straightforward Italian rustic style, featuring walls painted in white or pastel colors, wrought iron beds, false chandeliers made of bronze, and a mix of modern and antique wooden furniture. Though sometimes not in the most subdued ways, colorful textiles, artwork, and Amalfi tiles bring color. Though few hotels on the Amalfi coast are truly modern and fashionable, if that's not what you were hoping for, rest assured that it's still pleasant and roomy, with amazing views of the sea, mountains, and garden.

Dining and Culinary Offerings at Villa Scarpariello: Villa Scarpariello, culinary delights await with our additional cost meal options, including breakfast, conveniently booked and paid for at check-in. Start your day with a simple continental breakfast served on the dining terrace, featuring rolls, croissants, mini-jams, carton juice, and a hot drink—all subject to availability. Our apartments offer self-catering convenience, each equipped with dated kitchens featuring gas rings, spacious fridges, and Ikea-style cabinets stocked with basic cutlery and crockery. Please note that traditional ovens are not available. The family room Ficus boasts a fridge but lacks additional kitchen facilities.

While the kitchens may reflect a vintage charm, the emphasis at Villa Scarpariello remains on exploring the delectable local cuisine. Whether opting for the simplicity of breakfast on the terrace or venturing to nearby eateries, your culinary journey at Villa Scarpariello promises a blend of convenience and local flavor.

Optimal Seasons for Your Villa Scarpariello Retreat

For an optimal experience at Villa Scarpariello, plan your visit during the shoulder seasons. Summer, particularly mid-August, witnesses a surge in popularity, making beaches crowded. For a more tranquil escape, consider visiting in spring (May or early June) or September. During these months, the weather is perfect for unhurried exploration, and by May, the sea has warmed up invitingly.

A word of caution: if you're arriving at the cusp of the season, be aware that heating is provided by wall-mounted, air-blown units. To ensure comfort, pack layers for cooler evenings. Embrace the serenity of the Amalfi Coast during these quieter periods, allowing you to relish the beauty of Villa Scarpariello and its surroundings without the hustle and bustle of peak summer crowds.

Mr and Mrs Wedding: Your Dream Celebration Awaits at Villa Scarpariello

Embark on the journey of a lifetime as Mr. and Mrs. at the enchanting Villa Scarpariello. Nestled along the stunning Amalfi Coast, this historic mansion sets the stage for a dream wedding that transcends imagination. Picture saying "I do" amidst the 18th-century charm of Villa Scarpariello's gardens, where love blooms like the vibrant flowers that surround you. Whether you envision an intimate ceremony on the terrace or a grand affair in the opulent ballroom, our dedicated team is poised to turn your dreams into reality.

Indulge in a celebration that reflects your unique love story, with tailored experiences, luxury accommodations, and a culinary journey that tantalizes the taste buds. From the simplicity of a continental breakfast on the terrace to the elegance of a reception under the stars, every detail is curated with care.

Contact us to embark on this extraordinary adventure of planning your dream wedding at Villa Scarpariello. Let the Amalfi Coast be the witness to your love, and let our historic villa be the canvas upon which you paint the memories of a lifetime. Your happily ever after begins here.