Have you always dreamed of a unique and unforgettable location for your Italy destination wedding? Have you imagined surprising your guests in an exclusive venue in Italy?

We are lucky to live and work in one of the most beautiful and varied countries in the world, so why not take advantage of it! Italy offers amazing views and beautiful venues as setting for exclusive weddings, with a combination of culture, traditions and flavours: from the enchantment of the Amalfi Coast, with its mosaics of stone lanes lulled by the sound of the sea to the warm and sunny Apulia,. From the canals of Venice to the charm of Florence, from rows of olive trees and vines to the green hills in Tuscany, to the elegance and luxury of a wedding in Capri not to forget the enchanting scenery of the lakes. Magical scenarios for the staging of your fairytale wedding in Italy.

Italy is really the kingdom of beauty; so the only matter of each bride and groom is the arduous decision of choosing which of these enchanting wedding venues in Italy will conserve the memories of the most beautiful day of your life.
Whatever the setting or location that most strikes your imagination, weare able to customize your wedding day in a tailor-made way, thanks to our professional and expert suppliers that will make your wedding in Italy an exciting experience, an expression of you and your own personal style

Historical Ruins. The Basilica of S. Eustachio is one of the most beautiful ancient structures in southern Italy. The perfect wedding venue for your civil or symbolic ceremony... Read more

Weddings on board. Celebrating your wedding in italy on a boat or a yacht is definitely an exclusive experience:, as well as discovering unexpected coves along the panoramic Amalfi Coast... Read more

Wedding in Capri. Romantic weddings, fabulous experience, delicious food, in other words “La Canzone del mare” one of the most exclusive wedding locations in Capri ... Read more

Under a sky of lemons. A large terrace of lemon trees, whose branches almost touch the tables lit by majolica lamps and handmade candles as wedding venue for your wedding in Capri... Read more

A cave on the sea. Africana Club and its 800 square metres  of rock excavated by the sea, creating a stunning cave and a gorgeous  terrace. with an incredible unique atmosphere... Read more