Amalfi Wedding Venues

"The day of judgement, for those Amalfitans that go to Heaven will be a day like any other'" - Renato Fucini

Legend has it that Hercules built the city as a tribute of love to his beloved Amalfi, a nymph whose eyes were of an intense blue just like the sea. The young girl died prematurely and Hercules, wishing to bury her in a place worthy of her beauty, founded the city of Amalfi on her grave. It is obviously just a legend but nevertheless reveals how much Amalfi with its beautiful sea is a place where you can breathe love.

The mild climate, natural beauty, the Mediterranean architecture clear in its white houses, and in the spectacular Cathedral of St. Andrew, make Amalfi wedding venues the perfect destination to get married in Italy. A dream of every bride and groom. A wedding in Amalfi means making your dream come true in a unique setting, steeped in tradition and culture.

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Here are the best wedding venues in Amalfi- Villas overlooking the sea, luxury hotels with private beaches, such as the Hotel Santa Caterina, famous restaurants, ancient convents, and monasteries, now transformed into luxurious wedding venues, such as the NH Hotel Convento di Amalfi, will welcome your guests with a combination of elegance and authenticity that will create unforgettable moments.

An original art nouveau seaside villa, immersed in the natural beauty of the Gulf of Amalfi. The ever-blue sky, lush bougainvillea and panoramic gardens make this place an incomparable setting both for small banquets and for sumptuous wedding receptions, but also for symbolic ceremonies.

Close your eyes and imagine getting married in an Arab-Norman Cloister of the thirteenth century or in the splendid Chapel of an ancient convent and eating on the Monks' terrace overlooking the sea. Your dream can come true at the NH Convento di Amalfi, the perfect setting for your unique wedding in Italy.

Experience the epitome of elegance at Villa Vettica, where your wedding day transcends into a timeless celebration of love. Nestled in serenity, this luxurious haven is meticulously designed to transform your dream wedding into a reality

"Embarking on your dream wedding journey in Italy? Palazzo Casanova is here to turn your vision into reality. Picture saying your vows in a place where history meets romance, surrounded by the stunning Amalfi Coast. Nestled along the breathtaking Amalfi Coast, Palazzo Casanova is a unique gem, blending historical charm with modern luxury.

Planning your dream wedding in Italy? Look no further than Borgo Santandrea, a stunning retreat perched 90 meters above the breathtaking Amalfi Coast. With unparalleled views of the charming fishing village of Conca dei Marini, Borgo Santandrea sets the stage for a romantic and unforgettable celebration.