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The Italian Dream

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The idea of a “lemon wedding” is perfect for those who love  a rustic, and at the same time, elegant and refined setting. It is a theme that can be exploited in every season Read more

The elegance and the charm of our marvellous  peninsula, together with the delicious food, the fine vineyards and the enchanting locations, are the dream of many brides all over the world. Read more

Amalfi Coast is one of the most spectacularly beautiful coastlines all over the world. Follow the winding coastline roads, as they curve around rugged and imposing mountains, past pretty olive and lemon groves, through picture postcard villages and Read more

The figure of the wedding planner has been, certainly, one of the most discussed and chatted in the last ten years, all over the world and through all the main media, such as tv, radio, internet etc. But who is, in effect, a wedding planner? Which are his main duties?

To introduce you this figure, I would like that you imagine to realize Read more

Finally I put my pen on this white sheet and start writing, just like a painter does on a white canvas.

Before starting my blog, I was a housewife, mom and responsible for the human resources of a company of few employees, but just because it was small did not survived to the economic crises  and had to close.
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The Italian Dream