Catholic Destination Wedding On Amalfi Coast

Many couples from all over the world each year choose Amalfi Coast as their Catholic marriage destination!

However, that’s not a surprise considering that our gorgeous Coast offers a broad variety of timeless charming churches, located in breathtaking sites where the Italian artistic heritage blends with the beauty of the Mediterranean cliff and blue waters.

From intimate and ancient Chapels to majestic Cathedrals the choice is really wide!

I’ll show you a selection of some of the most ancient and impressive churches of the Amalfi Coast (Amalfi, Positano and Ravello) if you’d love to celebrate your religious rite in one of the most romantic wedding destinations of the world.

The Cathedral of Amalfi

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Also known as the historical Duomo of St. Andrews, is doubtless one of the most impressive churches of Italy. A melange of architectural styles, Amalfi's cathedral is a bricks-and-mortar reflection of the town's past as an 11th-century maritime superpower.

The cathedral was originally built to house the relics of St Andrew the Apostle, which arrived here from Constantinople in 1208. Architecturally the building is a hybrid. The Sicilian Arabic-Norman style predominates outside, particularly in the two-tone masonry, mosaics and 13th-century bell tower. The huge bronze doors, the first of their type in Italy, were commissioned by a local noble and made in Syria before being shipped to Amalfi.

Interior of Amalfi Chatedral

The interior is primarily baroque with some fine statues at the altar, along with some interesting 12th- and 13th-century mosaics.< It’s structure includes four small towers adorned with arches  covered with majolica tiles.

An extraordinary place to keep your wedding vows forever just in the heart of the Amalfi Coast!

The Cathedral of S. Mary in Positano

Positano ST. Mary
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According to the legend, the monastery was erected in honor of a Byzantine icon representing the Virgin Mary, which is still venerated by the locals.

This beautiful Cathedral dates back to the 13th century and is situated in the real heart of Positano overlooking the sea. It’s reachable through a very romantic street covered with arches of bougainvillea in bloom.

Interior of Positano cathedral

After many restorations ended in 1783, when the Virgin's icon was crowned with a gold crown, St Maria Assunta has a nave filled with a prestigious floor decorated with Byzantine mosaics and two side aisles, five side arches, and chapels. On the main altar, you can admire the beautiful icon of the Black Virgin with a child. It’s perfect for an elegant wedding in Positano with its white and gold interior architecture.

In front of the church is a lovely esplanade from where an ancient set of stairs leads you to the heart of town. A very choreographic set for unforgettable wedding photos.

The Cathedral of Ravello

Ravello Duomo

The Cathedral of Ravello is one of the most ancient catholic churches of our Coast, built in 1086, takes the main square of the town, overlooking the entire cliff.

Dedicated to San Pantaleone, it is one of the most impressive and mystic churches for your catholic wedding celebration.

Interior of Ravello cathedral

Established by the bishop Orso Papicio in 1086, it has been turned into a baroque cathedral:  full of ancient columns, marbles, a bronze door, treasures from Roman times and paintings by southern Renaissance artists that are surely worth a look.

In other words if you’re planning an elegant and romantic wedding this Church with its in comparable beauty will provide the perfect setting creating a mesmerizing effect all around you!

Now stop dreaming and do not hesitate to contact us to start it!