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Wedding Planner Amalficoast Puglia

The idea of a “lemon wedding” is perfect for those who love  a rustic, and at the same time, elegant and refined setting. It is a theme that can be exploited in every season, both in summer and in winter, declined in different types of colors, from the hottest and brightest during the summer season, to the softest and coldest for winter.

Today I want to share with you every detail of this wedding idea.

Shining, colorful and fragrant! If you get married during the summer, this theme is really perfect for a country-chic, Mediterranean-inspired wedding; the parfum of citrus will bring a breath of freshness to the reception. The ideal location, for a lemon-wedding in summer, is certainly the Amalfi Coast, with its countless terraces overlooking the sea.

Wedding Planner Amalficoast Puglia
Wedding Planner Amalficoast Puglia

The yellow of the lemons and the cedars, the purple of Bougainville or the orange of mandarin, immediately recall our mind to the sun and to the open spaces. These colors go well with grapefruit pink, for a more delicate palette of colors, and lime green, to stay on the theme of freshness.

Lemons give endless creative possibilities, ranging from rustic to elegant. Starting from the ceremony , where you can place wicker baskets full of lemons, with their green leaves and some seasonal flowers, repeating the decorative pattern on the reception table

Citrus fruits can be used whole or cut into slices, alone or in combination with flowers, such as roses and lisianthus, or green leaves, such as eucalyptus and olive branches.

Look at this ideas for your summer lemon-wedding.

Stationary/Wedding invitations

The coordinated graphic design of a wedding is very important. Imagine the beauty of stationeries in tune with your lemon-themed wedding. To do that we could prefer citrus paintings in watercolor, that will give a touch of “chic” to the wedding. As already said, the color palette should be yellow and green, in their different  shades, combined with white or pink grapefruit, with a touch of lavender. The tableau mariage, the wedding invitations or the reception are certainly perfect items for this idea.

Wedding Planner Amalficoast Puglia

Placeholder and centerpiece

For a wedding themed lemons, centerpieces and place cards, made with lemons and cedar, are a must. Think of all-yellow centerpieces, made up of only lemons and mixed citrus fruit shrubs, paired with flowers and green leaves.

Wedding Planner Amalficoast Puglia

Menu, Mise en place and Wedding cake

Do lemons also go in the menu? Yes, lemons are the "highlight" of the wedding menu too! In fact, there is an infinite series of lemons delicious dishes

Starting from a welcome cocktail based on lemon juice, ginger and rosemary! Following with a risotto with lemons and shrimps, a fresh fish grilled with ment and lemon and finish with a stunning  Amalfi Lemon delight.

Wedding Planner Amalficoast Puglia

Also the bouquet and favors Useful, original and certainly one of the does not end in a basket: they are the prerogatives of the perfect wedding favor. Indulge yourself on the bottles of limoncello ceramics of the coast like the typical little tiles or the donkey with so many joyful and sunny colors, typical of an outdoor summer wedding.

Wedding Planner Amalficoast Puglia