What style is boho chic?

Boho-chic is a fashion style with bohemian, hippie and gipsy influences. Literally means bohemian and chic, that is stylish and elegant. This style combines vintage objects, organic fabrics, colorful and detailed pieces with plain, simple, modern and quite minimalist ones. Boho-chic style has got a retro and fascinating flair and is one of the most glamorous styles for wedding setups.

Sant'Eustachio Scala (8)
Sant'Eustachio Scala (10)
Sant'Eustachio Scala (9)
Sant'Eustachio Scala (11)

The spouses

Susan and Ricardo are originally from Chile but live in Sweden. On August 31st, 2019 they got married on the Amalfi Coast and, together with their 3 splendid children and their closest relatives, celebrated an intimate marriage, obviously boho style!

We tried to satisfy all the needs and desires of the spouses creating a family event, being attentive to all the details necessary for the success of the wedding day. We managed to make Susan live her big day as a princess like in the best fairy tales, but without spending a fortune.

Susan's wedding dress
Susan the bride
Susan the bride with her bridal bouquet

The wedding venue

For the ceremony the chosen venue is Sant'Eustachio, an old ruin in the city of Scala, with a breathtaking view, characterized by a small path that can only be followed on foot or by donkey.

Sant'Eustachio Scala (3)
Sant'Eustachio Scala (1)
Sant'Eustachio Scala (2)
The wedding ceremony

The wedding reception

For the wedding reception dinner, to stick with the country theme, bride and groom chose a private villa surrounded by greenery, which just for the occasion was transformed into a beautiful wedding venue in the town of Scala, on the Amalfi Coast.

We created a starry sky and illuminated the trees with lots of little lights. On the wedding table we used white lanterns and candelabras to create a romantic candlelight setting.

Sant'Eustachio Scala (4)
Sant'Eustachio Scala (5)
Sant'Eustachio Scala (15)
The wedding table at night

Italian food

As for the food, we opted for having the chef at home service, that is a brigade that cooked directly in the villa’s kitchen, preparing a delicious buffet dinner with many typical Italian dishes and the inevitable pizza.

The wedding reception buffet dinner
The guests
The wedding cake

I can help you get married in Italy

If you want to live the same dream as Susan and Ricardo, don't give up on getting married in Italy just because you have a low budget. I can organize weddings on the Amalfi Coast and in Puglia suitable for all budgets! I can design every kind of customized event you want to celebrate in Italy.

The added value of a wedding planner is precisely to organize the most beautiful wedding possible with the budget at your disposal and not making you spend a penny more than budgeted. I can create your big day in a totally personalized way, according to your tastes and resources. Try to believe, contact me!

Sant'Eustachio Scala (12)
Sant'Eustachio Scala (13)
Sant'Eustachio Scala (14)

Susan and Ricardo's testimonial

You can't find better wedding planner!

Our dream wedding could be more beautiful, we got more than we expected. The kindness and understanding we got from our planner was so amazing. They did not only organized our wedding we also made two new friends.

I didn’t cry on my wedding but i wanted to cry when i needed to say good bye to Ines. You have to have this beautiful People as your wedding planner, if you want your wedding to be as you dreamed of.



Wedding photographer: Adriana Alfano

Rent: Allestimenti Le Rose

Florist: Isabelle Kirchner

Chef and catering: Chef Loft