Masseria Santa Lucia
La Dolce Vita Beach

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Masseria Santa Lucia - La Dolce Vita Beach

The charm of our Masseria a converted farmhouse ... on the sea

The Masseria Santa Lucia - Dolce Vita Beach, succeeds in this with its perfect combination of an old-fashioned farmhouse and the magnificent scenery of a beach with fine sand both recreating these fairytale emotions.

Surrounded by greenery just a few metres from the shores of the Adriatic Sea, it offers, in a contemporary key, the hospitality and the traditional features of the ancient farmhouses of Puglia: a world evocative of times past, by which the architecture of the hotel is discreetly inspired.

The variety of location to celebrate your wedding, from the swimming pool, to the interiors and renovated areas of the farm, to the romantic beach make this Masseria the perfect choice for your wedding in Puglia..

 The blue of the sea and sky will be witness to your union. We will welcome you to these beautiful surroundings, astonishing you with our excellent local cuisine in an environment that you shall remember forever. The hotel has 132 rooms and lends itself perfectly to hosting large wedding parties.