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Ines Napolitano, Wedding Planner on the Amalfi Coast and Puglia

The job profile of the wedding planner has been one of the most discussed and chatted worldwide over the last years. But who is, in fact, a wedding planner? What are his main tasks?

To give you an idea, let's imagine you want to build the home you've always dreamed. You don’t know where to start and how to have it done, don't you? Well, you need an engineer or an architect to manage the whole project for you.

It’s almost the same thing for your wedding. To plan the most important day of your life you need help, for choosing the location, the suppliers and so on. Well, no problem... lucky you, this is my job!

Wedding Planner Amalficoast Puglia

That’s exactly the role of the wedding planner, the designer of your wedding, the designer of your dreams! I'm the one who is in charge to plan your very special day, allowing you to relax and just live it and remember it as the most unforgettable event of your entire life.

Choosing a good wedding planner, will let you discover plenty of fabulous wedding locations, fantastic settings, amazing colors, original ceremonies and so much more.

But which one is the best wedding planner for your needs? How to recognize him/her? You should choose the one who has more empathy with you, who is able to read your thoughts and realize them, the one who'll make your wedding different from all others.

Once listened to your wishes, understood your desired style and your budget needs, the wedding planner will set up a real wedding project for you big day. He/she will coordinate all the wedding suppliers to make your dreams come true!

For you this just means less anxiety and more fun.

Wedding Planner Amalficoast Puglia