The wedding ceremony marks a turning point in brides and grooms’s life and it should be exactly the way they want it to be, it should fit perfectly as a wedding dress and reflect their personality and beliefs.

There are many different possibilities for your Italian wedding ceremony. Whether civil, religious or symbolic, elopement, or a simple blessing our experienced team is able to assist with all legalities and religious documentation regardless of nationality.

Religious Ceremonies

Religious Cerimonies. Wedding Planner in Amalfi Coast and Puglia. Mr and Mrs Wedding in Italy

Religious Ceremonies

Religious Ceremonies are mostly Catholic or Protestant, though also available for other religions such as Jewish and Hindu.

While Catholic ones has to be celebrated in an appropriate Church, Protestant weddings are usually delivered in a specific church but also with flexibility for other venues such as a garden and special location for a Jewish  or Hindu wedding.

Our team is able to organize a Catholic or Protestant wedding in Italy's wonderful churches as well as charming private venues according to your beliefs and wishes.

Civil Ceremonies

Civil Cerimonies. Wedding Planner in Amalfi Coast and Puglia. Mr and Mrs Wedding in Italy

Civil Ceremonies

Civil Ceremonies, legally recognized, are conducted by an interpreter together with an Italian town Hall registrar. There are many locations in our beautiful country where you can plan a legal Wedding ceremony from the fascinating historical City halls to ancient and unexpectedly outdoor location all over Italy.

From May 2016 same sex weddings, legal civil weddings and unions are now legal in Italy! At last! So we are now pleased to help MR&MR and MRS&MRS to make their dreams come true, with a gay wedding in Italy.

Contact us to know all civil documentation requirements and we will you throughout this process.

Symbolic Wedding

Cerimonies. Wedding Planner in Amalfi Coast and Puglia. Mr and Mrs Wedding in Italy

Symbolic Wedding

A Symbolic Wedding is the right choice for those couples who prefer not to worry about completing documents for a civil or religious ceremony or are already legally married.

The spouses have the freedom to personalize the ceremony in such a way that it reflects completely their values and beliefs. The ceremony can be performed by a pastor, an Italian officer or a family member.

This ceremonies  can be performed in the most spectacular settings such as a medieval courtyard, a beautiful vineyard,  a beach or a romantic Italian garden.